Ok. Here is a little bit about myself. I am a Stay At Home Mother of an adorable 3 year old son (Keifer) & a 12 year old Step Son (Mykelti). My husband works outside of the home & I stay at home for the boys. My son Keifer was born at 28 weeks & with child care for a preemie would be too expensive, we decided one of us would be home with the boys. My step son is on the Autism Spectrum having PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) & that has been challenging for us as a family. With God’s help, we will be just fine.

I have always crafted as a child, from learning how to hand embroider with my Grandmother to learning how to sew with my Mom. I do come from a great line of crafting relatives. My mother sews, quilts & machine embroiders; I have an uncle (my mother’s brother) who draws & paints beautifully; another uncle (another brother of my mom) who makes furniture & other home items from wood; & my younger sister who loves to scrap book when she can find the time. I on the other hand have dived into many facets of the art world. I grew up wanting to be a fashion designer. So since the age of 8 I learned how to draw & sew. I took that love for fashion & fabric all the way with me to college where I studied Fashion Merchandising. I wanted to double major in Fashion Design as well but settled with a few Art classes. I then got hooked in the retail industry & upon moving to San Antonio from the Dallas area (with a yr stop off in Austin – big mistake, lol) I landed a great job with Nordstrom. I met my husband there & 3 years later married & had a son.

My son being born so early (28 weeks) I was luck to be able to spend his first 3 years of life with him at home. But I was bored at home with the cleaning so I had to do something for the times Keifer slept & I was done with the house chores. I started a small party business on Etsy & did fairly well with it. I got tired of doing the same thing so now I am in the new portion of my crafting world. As the New Year rolls in, I will be changing things up here on my blog & what services/products I will be offering to the public. So THANKS for coming by & seeing my crafty world!


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