Bootiful Halloween Blog Hop- Day 2


Hey Everyone & Thanks so much for returning for day two! 


Double, double toil and trouble.
Welcome to the “Bootiful Halloween” Blog Hop.

Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare. We’re calling all goblins, ghost, and creatures of the night! So creep, float or crawl through our blog hop if you dare.

We’ve had so much fun creating this hop, and we have a spooky line up with some very talented creators. You will see some spectacular spooky projects along the way having to do with a Halloween theme and have a chance to win  some spookish blog candy along the way. If you are coming from Cathy’sBlog you’re on the right track. If you just joined us, you can go back to the beginning HERE  and hop along with us. This is a TWO day blog hop that is sure to be full of Gremlins, Goblins, Ghoulies, Ghosties and whitches on brooms. So be sure to grab your warm potion of choice and get ready to creep, float or crawl through our blog hop if you dare!

Here is the line up in case you need it:

1. Lisa –
2. PSA Stamp Camp (Libby) –
3. Ashley –
4. Cathie –http://cathiescafe/
5. Cyndie – <—YOU ARE HERE
6. Robin – <—-NEXT STOP
7. Janet N –
8. Janet R –
9. Melinda _
10. Sam –
11. Princess Penelope – http://thescrapbookingqueen/
12. Jamie –
13. Angela –


So for DAY 2 I did another set of Halloween costumes. This time they were for my 2 sisters & my nephew. My nephew is the one who decides what the costumes will be every year. In fact he already knows what they will dress up as for next year! Here’s a little background of my nephew…..HE LOVES LEGOS! So this year my sisters & himself are dressing up as mini figurines of Lego Atlantis. My nephew is so into the ocean & has so much knowledge of the deep sea, more than most adults. Some of his favorite sea creates are sharks (all kinds not just great whites), manta rays, squids & Angler fishes. In fact 2 Halloweens ago my mom & I made an Angler fish helmet made from fabric for him. It even included a glowing bio-luminescent made from those clear bubble containers you get toys in from those change machine thingies…LOL! He even knew the word bio-luminescent…not bad for a 3 year old back then. Now being 5 years old, he wanted to dress up as a Manta Ray Warrior from Lego Atlantis. He made the decision for his mother to be the Crab Warrior & my younger sister (his godmother) to be the Shark Warrior, both also from Lego Atlantis. Well, these costumes do not exist at stores to buy….so his Aunt (ME) got to make them for him. He was so excited today to wear them as we went to local weekend Halloween festivities.

Here is what the mini figs look like from Lego Atlantis:























At first I thought they were going to be difficult to make. But in fact they actually ignited the creativity I have inside me & as I got comfortable with my creation thoughts, they were actually very easy to make for them. Seeing my nephew’s reaction was just awesome for me & so made it worth the while & worth the long nights & frustrations.

So here is the final creations:

I started with Dollar Tree Play Helmets. My nephew’s was a Knight Helmet (manta warrior in blue), my older sister’s was a robot helmet (crab warrior in red), & my younger sister’s was a GI helmet (shark warrior in grey).

Manta Warrior – I used poster board to fold out the flaps on the side of the helmet & the bumps on the top of the helmet. I used a paper mache method to cover the entire helmet. Once I did the first fitting, I had to cut & adjust the paper mached  helmet & then used masking tape to reform some areas. I didn’t want to re-do the paper mache caz it was too messy & time consuming. Once I was happy with the shape, I spray painted the whole helmet in royal blue. I added a strip of felt at the chin area to keep it from scratching my nephew’s chin. I added the helmet designs at the top & backside in a lighter blue acrylic paint. Here is a close up of the Manta Ray Warrior:

 This is the front side!













This is the backside!










This is my older sister & she was the Crab Warrior.

For this one, I shaped & molded the helmet using poster board, twisted newspaper & masking take. Once I shaped the head, I moved onto the horns. I rolled up newspaper in its longest length & used a set of 2 to make a tube. I used sheetrock mesh tape to hold the newspaper into a tube & stuffed it with crunched newspaper to hold its shape. They were painted orange & then to make the side horns I used foam sheets cut into long rounded rectangles. Added the facial details to complete the look. Here are close ups…..

My younger sister was the Shark Warrior. This one was the simplest of all. Using the GI Helmet I domed the top using poster board & flattened part of the top to creat the nose of the shark. Added the dorsal fin on the backside also made from poster board & the teeth & bottom of the mouth (used as the chin strap). Painted it using acrylic paint & added the facial details. Here is what it looks like.

So that’s it! Thanks so much for coming back on Day 2! Hope you like what I created…I did…..most importantly, my nephew LOVED IT very much! That in itself made me one HAPPY AUNT!

So onto your next stop……ROBIN! Happy Halloween!!!!


About Cyndie

I am a SAHM of a very active 3 yr. old little boy & have a pre-teen 12 yr old step-son. I have been married to a wonderful man for 3 years now but have been together for more than 6 years. I love using my Cricut & Sure Cuts A Lot software to make customized birthday party supplies, scrap book pages, 3D paper art & much more! I am Co-Creative Director of a local crafting organization called ABC Krafterz. I teach Beginner's & Advanced classes on the Cricut & the Sure Cuts A Lot program. I run a small party business from home called Cyndie's Paper Boutique (formerly known as Cyndie Creative Crafts). I have my degree in Merchandising from the University of North Texas & minored in business.

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