Bootiful Halloween Blog Hop

Bootiful Halloween Blog Hop

Hi Everyone! Thanks for joining us all for a great Halloween Blog Hop! I am so excited to show what I did for this hop as I have worked long & hard on all my creations. Today I will show off only one of the four items. The reason being is that the other 3 are a set & this one is a stand-alone! I think its my best one anyways (I say this caz it’s for my son)! LOL! Well here is a note from Lisa to start off the hop!

Double, double toil and trouble.
Welcome to the “Bootiful Halloween” Blog Hop.

Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare. We’re calling all goblins, ghost, and
creatures of the night! So creep, float or crawl through our blog hop if you dare.

We’ve had so much fun creating this hop, and we have a spooky line up with some very talented creators. You will see some spectacular spooky projects along the way having to do with a Halloween theme and have a chance to win  some spookish blog candy along the way. If you are coming from Cathy’s Blog you’re on the right track. If you just joined us, you can go back to the beginning HERE  and hop along with us. This is a TWO day blog hop that is sure to be full of Gremlins, Goblins, Ghoulies, Ghosties and whitches on brooms. So be sure to grab your warm potion of choice and get ready to creep, float or crawl through our blog hop if you dare!

Here is the line up in case you need it:

1. Lisa –
2. PSA Stamp Camp (Libby) –
3. Ashley –
4. Cathie –http://cathiescafe/
5. Cyndie – <—YOU ARE HERE
6. Robin – <—-NEXT STOP
7. Janet N –
8. Janet R –
9. Melinda _
10. Sam –
11. Princess Penelope – http://thescrapbookingqueen/
12. Jamie –
13. Angela –


So Now onto My First Halloween Creation for this Hop! 

I decided to show off the Halloween Costume I made for my son on this first day of the hop! I am so EXCITED for this Halloween as this is the first year K-Boogie (that’s one of the many nicknames his father has given him) will actually understand & truly participate in, unlike the years before.

So he LOVES the Nick Jr show Team Umizoomi. His favorite character is Geo, the toddler size Shape Super Hero. K-Boogie LOVES shape & I thought this would be a perfect Halloween costume this year.

This is Geo!

This is K-Boogie as Geo!

With the help of the Nick Jr. website, I printed the one dimensional helmet front & the belt shapes & roller skates pattern. Here is what I did!

I printed the helmet face on printer paper, then cut it out. I then traced it onto cardboard & cut that out. Using a strong adhesive, it was a smelly one & had to open my patio door to vent my craft area from the fumes, I glued the helmet face onto a Dollar Store helmet (used to be a knight helmet, as seen in the above picture). I had a strong clamp that I used to hold the cardboard onto the helmet since it is rounded in shape. Once it dried, I spray painted the whole helmet in a royal blue paint. I had to do about 2-3 coats to make sure the color was saturated all over.

I used the pieces in the instructions for the roller skates & cut them first on white cardstock (not the kind I use for card making but for printing). I adjusted the size using K-Boogie’s favorite water shoes before cutting the pattern out of felt. Since the pattern was one dimensional, I had to make adjustments to to make them it 3D skate for K-Boogie to wear over his water shoes. I was able to use Velcro on the inside of the skate to adjust the size around his foot & ensure they stay on his feet. Here is a close up of the skates!

So what’s a super hero without his trusty side kick. Geo actually works as a team with his sister Milly (whom I was supposed to be but ran out of time to make my costume) & his robot friend named Bot. I had seen a stuffed toy of Bot on Etsy & thought to myself “Hey! I can do that!” So I did. I hit Joann’s Fabrics & just $4 later & had all my fleece & felt I needed to make K-Boogie’s Bot. I think I made my mom proud on this one! She is a long time seamstress now is retired & spends her days quilting for others or me & my sisters! I LOVE IT when my mom makes me quilted bags (like Vera Bradley but better caz my mommie made it for me! LOL) Anyways! Here is the Bot I made….not too bad, huh!

Here is K-Boogie showing off his Bot!


Here is my Lil Geo & his Bot! Too Cute!


Hope you liked today’s creations. I will post more from this weekend events on Monday after I have had some sleep & cleaned up my mess! LOL! I just noticed too that I forgot to add the swish & antennas on K-Boogie’s helmet so in Monday’s pictures you will see the added features. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend…Be Safe…Have Fun….Check Your Candy Beofer Eating…& DON’T FORGET TO COME BACK TOMORROW for DAY TWO! THANKS!


Now on to the next blog……..Robin 


About Cyndie

I am a SAHM of a very active 3 yr. old little boy & have a pre-teen 12 yr old step-son. I have been married to a wonderful man for 3 years now but have been together for more than 6 years. I love using my Cricut & Sure Cuts A Lot software to make customized birthday party supplies, scrap book pages, 3D paper art & much more! I am Co-Creative Director of a local crafting organization called ABC Krafterz. I teach Beginner's & Advanced classes on the Cricut & the Sure Cuts A Lot program. I run a small party business from home called Cyndie's Paper Boutique (formerly known as Cyndie Creative Crafts). I have my degree in Merchandising from the University of North Texas & minored in business.

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  1. what a fantastic costume, he looks so adorable all dressed up!!!! You did an awesome job making this, one to keep for years to come, that is if you can get your son out of it!!!

  2. Really, really great job on this!! Fantastic! Now how are you going to top this every year 🙂 Your little guy looks just adorable and will probably want to wear it every day for a long while! I followed by the email link — not sure if that was right?

  3. Wow! You rocked the costume and sidekick doll. Get yourself a crown and go as SUPERMOM for Monday!

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