Glossy Accents Technique I’ve Been Excited About….


Ok, so I saw this YouTube video several months ago (I don’t remember which one & I didn’t save it either) about using Glossy Accents as a base glue then sprinkle fine glitter on top then once dried applying another coat of Glossy Accents to keep the glitter from flaking off the design. I was in awe! I have to have me some Glossy Accents glue. I searched high & low for it at my favorite craft store Hobby Lobby (I despise going to Michael’s Craft Store caz no one knows anything, they are too lazy to help or if they do help they make you feel like it was such an imposition but most importantly I HATE the layout of that freaking store). Sorry I got on a mad soap box there….but it’s how I feel! LOL!!! Go figure….one day I was in Hobby Lobby (a different store than the usual store I frequent at nearby) & I was in the scrapbooking glue section. DUH! I don’t know why I didn’t think to look there but sure enough a few sections over, away from the regular acid free glue, was the glossy accents. AND, it was 40% coupon week there too….YEAH! So I HAD to buy it!

Anyhoo…So last Saturday was the Scrapbooking Convention in San Marcos, TX. My friend Maribel & I went & made a day of it. It was nice (& weird) to be out & about without my 3 yr old son at a place where I would think would be heaven to me. It was OKAY, not that Oh Wow I Have to Have EVERYTHING I Saw moment. There was some great artistry in the pre-made scrapbook pages. Maribel & I were more interested in Scapbooking tools & there wasn’t much. We saw ALOT of paper & stickers. Paper, I can get from my stores & as for stickers…nopers, not for me – I make my own die cuts using my Cricut & SCAL! I did get excited about buying some acrylic paper & some face stamps (kinda like the ones from Peachy Keen but it wasn’t their product). I was very pleased to see a big appearance of Sizzix products, I finally saw a Pazzles in person (even though I knew more about the software stuff than the rep did) but the one thing that bothered me was the traffic flow. I know its to be expected but it doesn’t mean I have to be happy that such layouts are not thought out better to avoid traffic jams. Especially since here in Texas there are a lot of over-weight people, including scrappers (like me) who need a little more room to shop. I do not wish to have my toes ran over by a Hove-a-round, not that it happened but I’m sure it did to someone else! LOL!!!

Back to my point….when I got home from the convention I had many ideas going thru my head. But I finally sat down at my crafting table & started on this technique. A little about me, I LOVE PEACOCKS! I don’t know why since they can be aggressive birds, but I just love them. From the color of teal on their feathers & body to how they regally walk around & show off their feathers. They are beautiful birds. I found an SVG of a peacock online some time ago (before I started saving the files with the web page I found them on in the name of the file). I imported into my SCAL, then pulled out one of my favorite tools to use on my Cricut….Amy Chomas Micro Mini Sharpie Pen Holder! Then I set it up & this is what I created using this glue/glitter technique:

This is how I did this beautiful bird…

  1. I sized the SVG file in SCAL to fit the height of my 12×12 mat in proportion to the width of the body with the size of my clear paper.
  2. I used half (8×11 sheet) of the sheet protectors. I cut the end off where the holes were & sliced the rest open.
  3. Taped down the clear sheet onto my mat with masking tape to ensure that the Sharpie didn’t drag the clear sheet.
  4. Changed my blade assembly to the Amy Chomas Mini Sharpie Pen Holder.
  5. Hit Cut on my SCAL & watched it draw the peacock outline.
  6. I flipped the sheet so that I wouldn’t be gluing directly on the Sharpie drawn image. I started filling in the gold sections first with the Glossy Accents, doing about 2-3 parts at a time. Then gingerly pouring gold fine glitter over the glue. Did it to all “eyes” of the feathers.
  7. Then I filled in the turquoise feathers with Glossy Accents & Turquoise Fine Glitter (all bought at the Scrapbook Convention for $1 a container).
  8. Filled the body with glue & lightly sprinkled with turquoise, gold & fuschia colored glitter.
  9. Once all dried, I outlined the entire image & filled in the open areas of the feathers with more glue & sprinkled black glitter.
  10. After ALL was glittered & dried, I went over the ENTIRE image with a coat of Glossy Accents. Boy, was my hand tired from all that squeezing! I cleaned up any drips with toothpicks & then cut it out from the rest of the clear page.

**I have to say, I had not used any of the Glossy Accents before this project & I was left with about a quarter of the bottle left after the project. Guess I’ll have to go buy some more…… heehee!

This is what it looked like, even though this is the after photo when I tried to cut the peacock out of the sheet. The glue/glitter design pealed off the sheet protector, which I preferred since I went over the lines when applying the glue. So if you try this technique, I highly recommend you to just use the drawn image as a template/guide as to where you will put your glue.
Now you can use the Cricut Markers or the Mini Sharpies to use as the guide when drawing a design on clear sheets. I LOVE using Amy Chomas’ products plus I recommend using the Micro Mini Sharpie for more detailed designs.
No, I do not make commissions or am I an affiliate of Amy Chomas. I just LOVE her product & recommend it to anyone & everyone who I come in contact with, online or in person. It was difficult to find the Micro Mini Sharpie in stores around town so I just bought it from her website too. Every now & then you can find them at like Big Lots.
I do not recommend using the sharpie holders on cardstock as the pen will bleed onto the paper & distort the image. I like using the photo paper that already comes in 4×6 size or the full sheet size. I also use sheet protectors or clear report covers as they are cheap to use & I won’t freak out if I screw up the project. I leave my acrylic sheets for more special projects. Hope you like what I did….either way – I LOVE IT!
Have a great crafting day!

About Cyndie

I am a SAHM of a very active 3 yr. old little boy & have a pre-teen 12 yr old step-son. I have been married to a wonderful man for 3 years now but have been together for more than 6 years. I love using my Cricut & Sure Cuts A Lot software to make customized birthday party supplies, scrap book pages, 3D paper art & much more! I am Co-Creative Director of a local crafting organization called ABC Krafterz. I teach Beginner's & Advanced classes on the Cricut & the Sure Cuts A Lot program. I run a small party business from home called Cyndie's Paper Boutique (formerly known as Cyndie Creative Crafts). I have my degree in Merchandising from the University of North Texas & minored in business.

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  1. OMG! This is amazing! That had to take a lot of your time carefully adding the glitter to each section but it was well worth it. This is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the how to.

    • Thank you for the compliment! It did take a lot of time to make but I loved the way it came out. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. This is absolutely GEORGEOUS! I just got Glossy Accents the other day & am absolutely enthralled by it! I’m going to have to try this technique! I LOVE what you described with the page protectors & the Cricut…How thick did the Glossy Accents go on, on the acetate? It seems to go on really thick no matter how thin I try to make it.

    • I used A LOT of Glossy Accents. I used almost the entire bottle for this project, only caz it was so large. Plus I used it as a base glue & of course the top glue. I’m thinking I might do another but use my last name in block or gold glitter then make like a stained glass designs around the name to in-case my last name & then frame it. I may not use my Cricut but print from my computer the design & just glue on top of the glass then set it in the frame. If it turns out nice, it might make great Christmas presents…LOL!

      • OOH! I LOVE the Idea of doing your name! Let me know how that turns out! I just tried a simple little stamped leaf tonight…I put the glitter on before I finished up for the night…I’ll put the top coat on in the morning. I hope it turns out as equisite as yours did. If so, I’ll be doing this technique a TON in the future! Thanks for the WONDERFUL idea! I can NOT wait to see how this turns out!

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