My Attempt to Organize


Okay! I have more Party orders coming in & it’s getting more difficult to work in my little space. As you can see it’s quite an U.G.L.Y. mess! So I have decided to re-organize my madness. I’ve pulled out my vacuum to get all those little pieces of paper on the carpet (wish I had a tiled floor like my mom’s sewing room) & have pulled out the dust wiped to clean the shelves.

I’ve been struggling on how to organize my scrap paper. As you can see, it is starting to grow too much. I know there are others out there who have larger stashes but I can not let it get out of hand as I do not have the space. Finally the light bulb in my head turned on…pizza boxes! My little 3 yr old son & I LOVE PIZZA! He can run around the house saying “Tizza, Tizza!” It’s too cute. Guess me eating nothing but pizza while I was pregnant left a huge craving for it for him! LOL!! Well, I was thinking since I save my frozen pizza boxes (I love Red Barron Pizza & their boxes are great to recycle) for either shipping small orders or using them in chipboard projects, I could use those to hold my paper scraps. I didn’t realize I had so many boxes. I haven’t really started any chipboard projects, but have many ready to start, but also my Party orders have been large orders & have had to use bigger boxes to ship them. Praise God for that blessing!!! So I sorted my colors & cut off the top flaps of the boxes. I will then wrap them in gift wrap paper & label the side of the color that it will store. Now I will be able to stack them up & hold them together with bookends. I will post more pictures when I am done with that project.

I am struggling on how to re-organize my shelves above my work space & the standing wooden shelf. It will be an interesting afternoon getting this together. I am trying to remove that table where I have my paper scraps sorted out.  That table is not supposed to be a permanent fixture in my area. I use it when I do large party orders & need to paint my games that I make for Yo Gabba Gabba parties. Its been awhile since I last painted & I’m sure my hubby would like to use the patio door here soon so he could tend to his herb garden better. He’s been so good about me blocking this patio entrance. Guess since it’s been so HOT here in Texas, he hasn’t had the urge to BBQ in the heat. Hopefully with cooler temps he will BBQ a little more. I just LOVE his BBQ – heck , his cooking in general!

Okay! Back to the subject at hand. I am also going to attempt to organize my SVG files. I have SO MANY of them & I want to make sure I use them. So as we go into the Holiday Season (on Facebook, the Cricut Craft Room page kindly reminded us there are 18 weeks til Christmas, Oh No!) I want to know what I have for those quick projects. I will post any good ideas I see or read from other blogs! So wish me luck as I go into the trenches! LOL!!!


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