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Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef

So my sister had a Pampered Chef party last night! Wow, the food was FAB-U-LOUS! The product was great of course & I learned what is needed & learned all the great benefits of becoming a consultant…..NO, I am not signing up to be a consultant. There is not enough time to do all the paper crafting I want to do much less do this… I don’t really care to cook! My husband has talked about it before & thought I’d get him the info. HE is the COOK in the house. I will happily give him the kitchen any time! LOL!

Well, my sister was looking for ideas to give her guest a little thank you for coming to the party. So, of course, I volunteered to make something using my Cricut. I’ve had a Candy Bar Box that I have been wanting to use for a while now. I got the file from SVG Cuts, it was one of their free files. I highly recommend their files as they are easy to cut!

I used Autumn colored cardstock (Rust, Olive, Golden Rod & Chocolate colors) for the base of the holder. I did have to re-size the container to ensure the candy bar fit snugged. The paper was from my Paper Studio stash I’ve had from Hobby Lobby. I then printed the “Thanks” text from my computer onto cream colored cardstock. I layered a burgundy background behind the cream cardstock. I quickly made a paper pieced die cut of a chef’s hat & assembled them together & pop dotted on top of the candy holder. She loved them as well as her guest. I also totally impressed her Pampered Chef demonstrator (who is the director in our area). So I was happy!


Good Monday Morning!


Hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent most of my weekend cleaning the house & doing laundry so that I can play with my Cricut this week! So I will be busy cutting away all week. I want to work on a few designs for & for Adams Acres blog. I also have an order to complete & I am just about done & ready to ship. I love making Yo Gabba Gabba party supplies! It brings me joy!!!

I also had a great conversation with an ‘ol high school buddy of mine. She sells Premier Designs Jewelry & I am happy to say I will be hosting a party for her. I can’t wait caz I love their jewelry & I so need an update on my jewelry wardrobe!

Well, back to crafting……I will be learning how to post videos soon for any tutorials I would like to post for everyone. I am also thinking about starting my own line of something. Just about every blog I have been to has someone selling a design they have made. So why not join the bandwagon… couldn’t hurt, especially the extra income! If anyone is reading this….what do you wish in the crafting world could be made easier & LESS expensive!?!

Hello & Welcome to My World!


Okay! So I finally decided to take the plunge & start my blog that I have been wanting to do for several months now. What kept me from starting was the thought of “My life is BORING and UNEVENTFUL so why should I blog!” Well…..after much thought (I do tend to over think a lot) & after hearing my husband’s words in my head (“Get back to Being You!”), I did what my young self would have done…. I JUST DID IT!!! SO…..HERE I GO!!!!

What Am I Doing Here………..


Good Morning, Afternoon, & Evening My Friends!

What am I doing here in the World of Blogging? Well, I am here to share My Creative Outlet! I have been crafting for many, many years. I remember sitting on my grandmother Patricia’s couch where she taught me how to hand embroider and have many memories of getting into my mother’s scrap fabric stash to make a new design for my little sister’s Barbie dolls. A lot of my good memories involve some form of crafting. Even in college, I have great memories with Tonia (my best friend) and her family starting to do scrap booking. Even now, she & I still chat up a storm when it comes to crafting…..she wants me to teach her how NOT to be afraid of her Cricut cutting machine. LOL! I joined a good friend in creating a crafting organization here locally named ABC Krafterz. I have met a wonderful group of ladies who love to use their Cricut machines. I hope to continue help make this group grow into something huge! It’s a lot of hard work but I love what I do!

I also LOVE making custom party supplies for parents who wish to throw a wonderful bash for their child. It makes me so happy to hear the stories the parents email me about how their child got so excited when their order came in & they opened it. I started with just Yo Gabba Gabba since I heard so much from friends how good the supplies I made for my son’s 2nd birthday party in the Yo Gabba Gabba theme. So I started selling on Etsy but had to close my shop. I now sell on Artfire & will be offering my services here on my blog. I do other themes as well & will do other events as well. I can make just about anything, just ask!

I look forward to see how this blog explodes. I do plan to blog about crafting hints & tutorials AND I WILL ALWAYS WELCOME ANY QUESTIONS! I hope to hear from any of you soon!